Monday, June 25 2018
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Our Company supplies and incorporates the following renowned wide-ranging products and solutions to clients.


Backup Solutions

Cross Connect System (DACS)

Fiber Solutions

  GPRS/3G, XDSL/Wimax Interface over primary link, 64/2mb ISDN Backup over DLL.

DACS, 16T1/E1 links, Voice & Fiber module interface.

DWDM, Optical Line Terminal (OLT), Ethernet over SDH, Video (CCTV) to Fiber.

    ISDN Solutions  

RAS(Remote Access Server), Internet Gateway,128K/512K ISDN Modem.

    Modems Solutions  

Analog Leased Line with/without SNMP, HDSL, G.HDSL Modem Chassis.



Multiplexers (MUX) Solutions



E1 MUX, Fiber MUX, Time Division MUX, Statistical MUX, IPDSLAM, and DSL Concentrator.

    Networking Solutions   LAN Switches, G.703 Interface Converters, Media Convertors, Patch Panels, NTU, Modem Eliminator, Terminal/ Serial Server, DSD etc.  
    Network Accelerator   Network Accelerate & Optimiser.  
    Restore & Maintenance Services  

Repair, restore and maintain all types of Data Communication equipments e.g. modems, multiplexer, router etc.



Security Solutions



DES, 3EEs, AES VPN Gateway/SSLVPN, Firewall, IPS.

    Traffic Management   Global /Local / ISP's Traffic Management, WAN/LAN Load Balancer Aggregation TDM & Ethernet/IP Traffic, Wireless WAN/3G Balancer.  

Video Surveillance

Voice Solutions


ISDN Video Alarm System, Multimedia over TCP/IP, Video Management Software and CCTV.

VOIP Gateway, IpPBX.


WAN Access Router

Wireless Solutions


IP, Voice, VPN, ADSL, Router and etc.

FSO, Radio , Milimeter, Wimax wireless.



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